Sam Sylk and Comedian Corey Holcomb

Source: Sam Sylk / Sam Sylk Show

The beautiful thing about when comedians that perform at The Cleveland Improv on the weekends visit the LAND they always find it just as important to stop by The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK to talk chop it up with Sam Sylk about not only jokes, but current affairs, Reality Hour and trending topics.  So when Sam Sylk’s Chi Town homeboy comedian Corey Holcomb stopped through that made for some hilariously truthful talk about the reality of America.

Sam Sylk and Corey Holcomb talked about who really elected President Trump, who really is trying to get Jussie Smollett locked up, Kim Foxx put out of office, how is it people that opened up for him is getting deals on NETFLIX and why you should NOT get married in America in this day and age!!

This is America has never been so real.  Check out Sam Sylk’s celebrity interview with comedian Corey Holcomb below and be sure to check him out at the Cleveland Improv this weekend.

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