Discover Los Angeles With Thrilling Glass Slide At 1,000 Feet Above The City

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On the 4th of July Southern California experienced the largest earthquake they have had in 20 years that measured 6.4 magnitude on the Richter scale. Experts said that they feared that more was to come, and that fear has come too fruition.

It’s being reported that a second earthquake struck Southern California Friday night July 5th measuring at 7.1 magnitude.  Disneyland as well as Six Flags Magic Mountain evacuated rides while the park conducted safety checks, all rides were marked as “temporarily closed” on Friday night.

To give you the severity of the number that hit yesterday:

Earthquake Classification

GREAT measures    8+

MAJOR measures   7 – 7.9

STRONG measure 6 – 6.9

MODERATE measures 5 – 5.9

LIGHT measures   4 – 4.9

MINOR  measures  3 – 3.9

Experts are saying even with the Major magnitude of this quake they are still expecting more (see video below)

We will be keeping our brothers and sisters in California uplifted in our prayers as well as keeping you abreast of what in going on with the earthquakes in California 2019.

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