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He loved you, cheated on you, stole from you, violated your trust in every way imaginable.  Then he dumps you.  But after a few weeks the Universe brings you back together.  If he still is displaying signs of before who’s sign do follow yours, family, friends or the Universe?

A young lady beamed herself into Sam Sylk’s, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, in-box on Facebook during his Reality Hour segment, to see if she should say swing down, sweet chariot stop and, let me ride or should she keep her cypher rolling like a rolling stone.

Sam Sylk in-turn had to give her a tutorial of how things go on love’s train, you don’t need no ticket to ride.

Check it out below

Dear Sam

I been dating this man for years and we broke up for two years because he cheated on me. I recently lost my grandmother last year back in June and he reached out to me. He was there for me and told me, “the universe brought us back together “. Just Last week he proposed to me again and I said yes!! He been working really hard to prove to me he changed and told me that several times. I made a post on my page about my engagement and the next day a woman is in my inbox about my man. Telling me they been talking and that she is pregnant with his child now. I wanted to believe it was nothing and he gave me the ring but sis had receipts. Everything that man told her he was telling me, even down to the “universe brought us back together” line. Sis even said he was texting her while at my grandmothers repast with me and sent her pic talking about, ” he was handling business”!! I don’t know, I wanna believe he’s the one for me but am I being naive? Should I marry this man or should I run away? After years of trying to get pregnant it has never happened for us. Not mention he talked to her 10 years ago and she said they broke up because he cheated. I would love your advice sir.

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