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When you leave a room full of alpha males locked in one studio after a workout on a 90 degree day you are going to get 100% of what they feel and what’s been on their mind.  Anywhere from riding roller coasters at Cedar Point, screams of fear and/or passion on to the roller coaster of love.

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The debate was when a woman dropped a letter in Sam Sylk’s, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, in-box on Facebook during his Reality Hour segment, about the too much goings on in one household.   So according to the gentleman of the Sam Sylk Show the solution is a matter of will you climb down the latter or just stay up there and get wet!?

Check out what happened in the video below.

Dear Sam

My fiance, my daughter and his daughter moved into his house together after his daughters mother died. His daughter is narcissistic and has started a lot of drama in the house. first she has manipulated and taken advantage of her dad so much financially. He drained his savings to pay for her mother’s funeral because of the life insurance policy lapse. Now after he has paid for if the life insurance check showed up for her as the beneficiary. She did not pay him back anything at all. She is so selfish and extremely mean to my daughter. My fiance refuses to say anything to her so I finally snapped. Now he is angry at me!! She is 23 and refuses to move out and hates us all and is very disrespectful. I am really losing my mind from all of this. Any advise how to deal with living with her and how to get through to my fiance’?

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