By popular demand: IKEA throws a ball pit party for grown-ups!

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We reported that a little 10 year old was charged with assault by the police for hitting another boy in the face while playing dodgeball at school.  The boy he hit suffered an alleged concussion however he also had a health issue that should have put him on the sidelines of a dodgeball game or any other contact sport.

Attention was brought to this incident when the 10 year olds mother took to social media to try to raise funds for an attorney, and the story went viral from there.

Now after all the attention the story has gotten police have decided to drop the charges against the 10 year old boy, hallelujah, amen, however his mother is saying not so fast!!  The mother of the 10 year old boy wants school officials and anyone that had anything to do with a little boy being charged for assault over a game to play Monopoly and pay as they pass go!!

Check out the video below

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