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Whenever you hear or read about Azealia Banks, you know it’s more about what comes out of her mouth.  This latest news is no exception.

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The controversial rapper-actress exploded on a number of artists on her Instagram page, namely Lizzo and Adele with Banks comparing the former with Jasmine Sullivan.

In Banks’ view, Lizzo is “making a fool of herself,” while according to Uproxx, she added this about Adele:

In a backhanded compliment, Banks says Lizzo is better than Adele, who both resemble each other to some extent, though Adele is Caucasian. Whether lost in translation or if it’s just a case of right message, wrong messenger, Banks says that they (referring to white people) better let Lizzo be a “big star” without having to do the “extra sh*t.”

A Twitter user named “nicole145” posted the IG attacks in a tweet response to Billboard:

In her IG post and comments, she also went after Cardi B (‘illiterate’) and Lil Nas X (‘trash ass buckbreak mountain anthem’).

Banks seems to have it in for the “Truth Hurts” singer calling her a ‘mammy’ among other names.

What do you make of Azealia’s comments on Lizzo and others?


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Hatin’ Much? Azealia Banks Is Dead Wrong For Calling Lizzo A ‘Fat Millennial Mammy’
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