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Ellen Lindsey found out last year at the age of 49 that she was adopted.  For years Ellen Lindsey’s real half sister was searching for her, with the hopes that when she found Lindsey she would like her.  Little did Lindsey know her sister had been right in front of her the whole time filling her with laughter and little did the half sister know that her sister was a fan of hers all the time.

Ellen Lindsey was brought on to The Real to meet her long lost sister only to find out to her surprise that her sister was no other than actress Tisha Campbell.

Tisha Campbell made the tearful surprise announcement to Ellen Lindsey in front of a studio audience by saying that when she was looking for her, that her only hopes was that Ellen Lindsey would like her as they made a very emotional embrace.

The Real host Loni Love’s statement to Ellen Lindsey was “All that time you been watching ‘Martin’ and that’s been your sister!”

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