Forgiveness is a powerful thing and it is okay to forgive but not forget. Tisha Campbell left the legendary ‘Martin’ show on a rocky note however the actress has forgiven the past and is set to sit on the iconic green leather couch for the 30th anniversary special of ‘Martin’, that will be airing on BET+, […]

DAMNNNN GINA!!!! Actress Tisha Campbell posted a video PSA on her own personal Instagram about a scary incident that happened to her when she was leaving a building and she asked a gentleman for a phone number to call a taxi.  Tisha Campbell dialed the number requesting service when a raggedy cab with two drivers in it […]

Ellen Lindsey found out last year at the age of 49 that she was adopted.  For years Ellen Lindsey’s real half sister was searching for her, with the hopes that when she found Lindsey she would like her.  Little did Lindsey know her sister had been right in front of her the whole time filling her […]

In the world of Hollywood relationships, friendships change and disappear at rapid speed; however, there are some, like the friendship between Tisha Campbell and Tichina Arnold, that stand the test of time, even through the rough patches. Campbell and Arnold’s friendship dates back decades, as the pair first appeared onscreen together in the 1986 campy […]

Good to see the cast back together, although wish it was under better circumstances.   Fans were shocked and saddened on October 12, when Tommy Ford, of the hit TV show Martin, passed away from complications of a stomach aneurysm. All of his co-stars from the series have shared beautiful sentiments about working with him and today (October […]

Damn, Gina!   Things aren’t looking financially good for the Martin family. Tisha Campbell-Martin and her husband Duane Martin have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, The Daily Mail reports. Though the couple allegedly brings in almost $8K a month, their monthly expenses come out to $16,953 a month. While their on hand cash may be light, […]

By BridgetEE Beneath the shadows in a light yet dark place is always diamonds that lay patiently in the rough.  Before the cavernous coating that surrounds them is removed from others that have mined them, what lays underneath has already been shinning.   In the cave cultivating shape, style that has been already worn by […]


Spike Lee’s classic Black college film School Daze turned 25 in 2013. Given that anniversary, many fans wonder if there’s a chance Lee might release…

Last night, Monica, Tisha Campbell-Martin and Chilli gathered at Morehouse College in Atlanta for the General Mills Town Hall discussion co-hosted by Steve Harvey and Essence magazine’s Susan L. Taylor. The ladies stopped by to support and encourage the community to be more hands on with the education of our youth. While there, Chilli was […]

Tisha Campbell and Duane Martin are two of those rare individuals. Not only do they still seem happy with one another, they aren’t afraid to share his and her relationship secrets with the world.

“Thank you, everyone, for your concern,” says Tisha Campbell Martin in reference to swirling rumors about her dying from the same disease that contributed to the death of comedian/actorBernie Mac.

Great news! Actress Tisha Campbell says she’s ok in her battle with a deadly lung disease called Sarcoidosis. It’s the same lung disease that killed comedian Bernie Mac in 2008.