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By BridgetEE

Beneath the shadows in a light yet dark place is always diamonds that lay patiently in the rough.  Before the cavernous coating that surrounds them is removed from others that have mined them, what lays underneath has already been shinning.   In the cave cultivating shape, style that has been already worn by many but now is its time for stand alone flawless show.  All things of the earth that is grown and cultivated will be able to stand on its own and flourish.  Grand stand for the world to see how a diamond appears to shine from the shadows yet still grows in falsetto overtones.  

The climax of his glow has been ushered in under the umbrella of  a regal throne and a rose’ of vosess.  But by whom shall this diamond be called, I give to you Sir Elijah Blake.

In my quest to find fresh and exciting, something that we have not been exposed to as the masses, Tisha Campbell posted a video of a man that caught my attention.  He is creative, writes his own music, as well as for others.  To name a few, Usher, Rhianna and Rick Ross.  His falsetto is not hindered one bit by his snake like flawless physical moves.  He has mastered a perfect blend of Hip Hop with R&B so that he stays true to the new school but can make noise with the old school.

His forth coming album is perfectly titled Shadows & Diamonds, showing us all that there are still diamonds in the rough out there, we just have to  look beyond the shadows to find them.  Don’t believe me?  I haven’t been wrong yet and the cut below is “Drop Dead Beautiful”.    But you check it out, then you tell me.  As always please listen responsibly!!