bridgetee blog house By BridgetEE Before there was a Coachella Music Festival or Afro Punk Fest., there was Woodstock. A music festival held on an unattractive piece of land with no modern technology or bottled water. If you weren’t on the stage you couldn’t see because there weren’t any fancy monitors, but you could hear. The people […]

By BridgetEE Here is the thing that is missing between a real artist and a flash in the pan entertainer.   The flash in the pan lacks versatility in their artistry.   What I mean by this is, if they are a rapper they strictly rap to a beat, track, what have you.  If they are […]

By BridgetEE We live in world that’s in so much turmoil today.  Black on black crime, instances of police brutality, drug infested streets and poverty.  The crack infestation of the 80’s has created the lost generation of the adult new millennium.  People get married for the sake of title and children are being born by […]

A photo posted by Avant (@avantmusic) on Jun 7, 2015 at 7:31am PDT By BridgetEE Smooth, cunning, impactful. A song that thrust at your heart and soul, a feel, a longing. Great songs are identified most times the very first time you hear them. They are Special words from a Special soul escorted by a […]

By BridgetEE He said “stay with me, because he is latching on to you and you are safe with me.”  So I said, “lay me down, and yes take me off life support!!”   Then you said say “WTH!!!” If you didn’t know Sam Smith has been out of commission: “Sam Smith underwent vocal cord […]

By BridgetEE Beneath the shadows in a light yet dark place is always diamonds that lay patiently in the rough.  Before the cavernous coating that surrounds them is removed from others that have mined them, what lays underneath has already been shinning.   In the cave cultivating shape, style that has been already worn by […]

By BridgetEE One of the hardest things in the world to do is to walk by faith.  When a passion has been inbred in you to walk a journey and your not quite sure how too or if you will survive is a hard burden to tow.  When you could probably do it the easy way your […]

Da@# I Wish I Knew Alex Boyd By BridgetEE Life at times can make you feel like you have a ton of bricks sitting on your chest. I wish I knew why life has to be so complicated, why can’t you wake up in the morning feeling great and the rigors of life didn’t turn around and […]