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Da@# I Wish I Knew Alex Boyd

By BridgetEE

Life at times can make you feel like you have a ton of bricks sitting on your chest. I wish I knew why life has to be so complicated, why can’t you wake up in the morning feeling great and the rigors of life didn’t turn around and sucker punch in the back of the head. I wish I knew why our relationships didn’t have to be convoluted with so much BS, why can’t people just love one another for who they are instead of who others want them to be. I wish I knew why everything has to be attached to a game, why did we stray away from old school values to new school self-serving venues. I wish I knew why it is acceptable to cheat on your lover and more importantly why it’s okay to seek someone else’s lover. I wish I knew why it’s embarrassing to work washing dishes at the golf club but cool to work sliding up and down a pole at the Player’s Club. I wish I knew why using the word virgin in front of everything is funny but being promiscuous is the mature thing to do. I wish I new why 30 was the new 20 when at 20 I didn’t know sh@t from shineola. I wish I knew why there is no honor amongst thieves anymore and no real brothas keepers. I wish I knew why everything that feels good too you isn’t good for you. I wish I knew why robins don’t sing the way the used to but skunks spray more than ever before. I wish I knew why what I think is pleasing to my soul is only told it’s not because somebody has come up with some survey data telling me why that shouldn’t be. I wish the man who I loved appreciated me a little instead of belittling me a lot. I wish I could hop in a convertible and drop the top and just drive off into the sunset with nothing but me and my radio. I wish I knew why to so many more things but more importantly I wish I knew Alex Boyd.

?? yes that’s right from the first time I heard Alex Boyds voice Mello out “I wish I Knew” I knew that my wish had come somewhat true to hear something new that’s pleasing to the soul to make you feel hope, peace and love all at the same time. Something you really can put in your car stereo and let lifes mess just blow away. Don’t believe me try it for yourself. Alex Boyd is your new millennium Bobby Caldwell and he will help you make all your wishes come true!!! What you won’t do, you will do for him just remember to do it responsibly!!!  Original Story

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