By BridgetEE

One of the hardest things in the world to do is to walk by faith.  When a passion has been inbred in you to walk a journey and your not quite sure how too or if you will survive is a hard burden to tow.  When you could probably do it the easy way your drive tells you to do it the right way.  For the love of?  Greatness takes time, although your passions run high, perfection is the staying power of all time.  For the promise of?  Will you stay true to what you do or give out a product that is not a reflection of you?  For the love of?  Faith is a funny thing, your path and your only stop sign is to not do YOUR math.  For the promise of?  A journey worth traveled comes with hardened feet from a bumpy road of the less traveled.  For the love of?  The love of sound comes from the heart, not Googled psycho babbled to the tune of a computerized harp.  For the love of?Antoine Dunn is the hardest working young man I know.  He is the definition of walking by faith to fulfill the promise.  Antoine hailing from Cleveland, OH is coming in the foot steps of men in music that have done mighty things (Bone Thugs n Harmony, Machine Gun Kelly to name a recent few) in the music world much the same way.  All of these men have stayed true to their musical passion first and the rest, well was by faith.  These people have ensconced themselves in  music history that will last forever for the love of?   The answer?  In the case of Antoine he is his own creator, entertainer, marketing team, record rep and financial backer.  Holding down what is part of making great music through his own sweat, blood and tears.  Antoine Dunn is a real musician with a real voice, playing real instruments and a boatload of real character.  For the love of MUSIC, real MUSIC.  Through all his trial and tribulations to achieve the goal his answer is simply “I’m Gonna Love You”.  Who is you?  Listen and watch below, you might just love him too.  As always Please Listen and Watch Responsibly ♫