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Great news! Actress Tisha Campbell says she’s ok in her battle with a deadly lung disease called Sarcoidosis. It’s the same lung disease that killed comedian Bernie Mac in 2008.

She was diagnosed earlier this year with Stage 2 Sarcoidosis. News reports this week had pretty much put our girl in the grave but Tisha took a moment during a recent interview to reassure fans she’s ok, “Thank you, everyone, for your concern. However, no worry is needed. I was diagnosed with a lung disorder that some people walk around with and don’t even know they have. Through early diagnosis I’m happy to share that I stay healthy with diet and exercise.”

FYI, according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, sarcoidosis is an inflammation of organs. Though the disease can affect any organ in the body, it typically attacks the skin, lungs, or lymp nodes. Experts say, death can occur when complications arise in the lungs, heart, or brain.

Tisha has been married to actor Duane Martin for 14 years. The couple have two sons, Xen, 9, and Ezekiel, who is 16 months. Tisha’s currently working to promote her new Disney movie.

Source: Black Media Scoop