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The big talk of the week has been Latin singer Gina Rodriguez use of the ‘N’ word when singing along to the Fugees ‘Ready or Not’ on her IGTV (which she has now been deleted). Gina Rodriguez who is of Latin decent has since apologized, however the dragging has continued.

And with this controversy, the ‘who can use the ‘N’ word debate has once again ensued.

TMZ caught up with Fugees member Pras to give his thoughts of Gina Rodriguez rockin out to his ‘Ready or Not’ on IG and using the ‘N’ word and this is what he had to say.

According to Pras he knows who Chicago native Gina Rodriguez is but he doesn’t know what her history, but he does know that their are certain Latin rappers that have been given honorary passes over the years such as, Fat Joe and Carbi B to name a few however that pass has to be earned.  But because she was singing a song that included the word that makes it a little more touchy.

Do you agree, with Pras?  Check out his full statement in the video below, and lets us know your thoughts.

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