It’s being reported that MSNBC 15 sec delay and or the person that is in charge of the dump button got caught slipping, as a reporter, being identified as Alison Morris, somehow got tongue tied while reporting the tragedy of the 41 year old NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, who just a few hours died in a […]

The big talk of the week has been Latin singer Gina Rodriguez use of the ‘N’ word when singing along to the Fugees ‘Ready or Not’ on her IGTV (which she has now been deleted). Gina Rodriguez who is of Latin decent has since apologized, however the dragging has continued. And with this controversy, the […]

An ex-manager at a pair of Vietnamese restaurants in Texas says she was the target of racial and gender-based verbal attacks in a text message sent by one of its owners after she quit her job. Domo Schneckenburg, 26, who managed two Texas Pho Shack locations — one in Sugar Land and another in Katy. […]

Television talk show host Wendy Williams can’t catch a break.  Wendy fresh back from a long alleged medical hiatus from her show is working hard to get back to her I haven’t skipped a beat, everything is all good mode, when she let the ‘N’ word slip while doing her ‘Hot Topic’s’ segment LIVE on […]

Students and colleagues of a California teacher are speaking out in his defense following his arrest for punching a 14-year-old student — after the teen called him the N-word. The New York Post reports that as of Monday, a GoFundMe page created by a woman working in the same Los Angeles district as 64-year-old Maywood Academy High School teacher Marston Riley reached […]

Speaking to Us Weekly at her annual SlutWalk over the weekend, Amber Rose revealed that she allows her 5-year-old son, Sebastian, to curse at home. “I let my son curse in the house because it’s a form of expression,” Rose told the magazine Weekly over the weekend. “I tell him when it’s appropriate and not to say it at school. That’s […]

Dearly beloveds, we are gathered here today to put a moratorium on White women equating women’s issues with Black issues. Golden Globe winner Bette Midler missed the mark last night when she tweeted out a quote, calling women the “n-word”of the world. The tweet read: “Raped, beaten, enslaved, married off, worked like dumb animals; denied education and inheritance; […]

Penn Jillette has come forward to back a claim from Omarosa Manigault Newman that tapes of their “Celebrity Apprentice” host Donald Trump using racist language on set does indeed exist. And he is sure of this because, “I was in the room,” he told Vulture in an interview posted Tuesday. Half of the magician duo Penn and Teller (who appeared on “Celebrity […]

Netflix says it briefly reconsidered premiering a new commercial featuring 47 of its black creators and talent during the BET Awards Sunday night, because it came two days after the streaming service fired its public relations chief Jonathan Friedland for using the N-word. The streaming service says its new “Strong Black Lead” commercial – promoting a new […]

Keirian Kelly faces serious charges for his racial intimidation campaign.   ACleveland man must now answer to a judge for his racial abuse campaign against his 70-year-old African-American neighbor, including teaching his 4-year-old son to call her the N-word, the The woman told the police that she feared for her life and was “visibly shaken” […]

In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Jerrod Carmichael talks about the uphill battle of convincing NBC to allow his ample use of the N-word on “The Carmichael Show.” On the upcoming June 21st episode, the racial slur is front and center, just weeks after Bill Maher made headlines by saying the word on his HBO […]

Coco Johnsen, Bill Maher‘s ex-girlfriend, is getting some get-back at the comic’s expense and we’re not all that surprised. She and Maher were an item for about a year and a half. The relationship ended badly with her suing him for $9 million for not following through on his alleged promise to marry her. In […]