Wendy Williams Visits The Empire State Building

Source: Gary Gershoff / Getty

Television talk show host Wendy Williams can’t catch a break.  Wendy fresh back from a long alleged medical hiatus from her show is working hard to get back to her I haven’t skipped a beat, everything is all good mode, when she let the ‘N’ word slip while doing her ‘Hot Topic’s’ segment LIVE on The Wendy Williams Show that broadcasts on television.

While getting very comfortable while talking to her studio audience, and I’m not sure what the Hot Topic was intended to be, but Wendy Williams became a Hot Topic when she began to describe how she just left 5th Avenue were she had been shopping and she found it unbelievable that you NINJAS, when she paused, obviously thinking, man I should have said ninja but I said ni**@s!!   After  the pregnant pause, Wendy apologized right away for her slip of the tongue.

Check out the video below:

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