'Born For This' Original Songs Preview

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Look at God!!  The original Dorthy from The Wiz, singer Stephanie Mills, clicked her heels while in concert the other night and gave her fans a little look at Home, her home and the wondrous things that are going on there.

Grammy Award Winning singer and single mother Stephanie Mills had the whole crowd shouting with tears of joy as she opened up about her personal life, specifically about her 16 year old son who is now officially an author.  What’s so big about that?  Stephanie Mills 16 yearly son, Farad J. Mills, has Down Syndrome.

According to Stephanie Mills in a video post on her Instagram page

Ladies and Gentlemen I want to introduce to you my reason for living. My adorable, smart, loving, kind son Farad J. Mills. He is an author and a straight A student. The title of his book is “The Adventures Of Farad J”. A book about Pranks. Never give up or stop feeding into the ones you love. My son is special needs, born with #DownSyndrome. However, there is nothing he can’t achieve with love and affection. I am a single parent, who will walk away from this wonderful life to make his life better. Love your children, be patient with your children, teach your children that they are wonderfully made just the way God intended. You can purchase my sons book at

Amen sister Stephanie Mills and congratulations to her son Farad J. Mills!!

Take a look at the video below

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