Fans right now are upset with Stephanie Mills because she said that Beyonce’ isn’t comparable to Diana Ross in a recent interview.

Stephanie Mills might be a long way from her day’s in ‘OZ’ but if you are a Stephanie Mills fan and been following her concerts on social media then you know her golden pipes can still belt out ‘Home’ as if she was still on Broadway at 1979 and at 4′ 9″ the 64 year […]

It all went down on Nick Cannon’s lil podcast. Stephanie Mills went Live to say she just can’t keep going on being your secret ‘supporter’ ♫, according to the original Dorthy from the Wiz, living legend R&B singer, Stephanie Mills, she felt that Ye’ was off his meds and he as well as Nick Cannon […]

Look at God!!  The original Dorthy from The Wiz, singer Stephanie Mills, clicked her heels while in concert the other night and gave her fans a little look at Home, her home and the wondrous things that are going on there. Grammy Award Winning singer and single mother Stephanie Mills had the whole crowd shouting […]

‘Leaving Neverland’ the documentary of the alleged sexual molestation accusations by two grown men Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck by the hands of the late pop superstar Michael Jackson has aired on HBO for the past two nights.  The documentary in it entirety is over 4 hours long and has concluded with Oprah Winfrey interviewing […]

As they should, folks (and singer Stephanie Mills in particular) are giving Sam Smith the proverbial side eye. The white British “Soul” singer learned the hard way what happens when you disrespect for the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He was seen, on a boat trip with Adam Lambert, another British singer, saying on camera: “I don’t like Michael Jackson, […]

The Wiz Live! held open auditions for the role of Dorothy, and one lucky New Jersey native beat out hundreds. Eighteen-year-old Shanice Williams landed the lead role of Dorothy, and the newcomer only has a few roles under her belt. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Williams has five years of musical training, including extensive dance […]

  *Despite a successful 20th anniversary with record-breaking attendance, the Essence Festival will be without a major talent in the future as Stephanie Mills vowed to never perform at the annual event again. Mills was among a star-studded line-up of vocalists  and speakers who performed and appeared at this year’s event in New Orleans. Although […]

Your favorite Classic Soul, R&B, and Hip-Hop artist pay tribute to Martin Luther King Jr with “King Holiday” in 1986.

Check out what Stephanie Mills has to say about her early years and whats going on now with her and what she thinks about  new artists…. And she still can SANG!!!

SAN FRANCISCO ( Stephanie Mills who had delivered the hit single “Two Heats” with the late Teddy Pendergrass gave a heartfelt Performance on the Mo’nique Show.