SAN FRANCISCO ( Stephanie Mills who had delivered the hit single “Two Heats” with the late Teddy Pendergrass gave a heartfelt Performance on the Mo’nique Show. Mo’nique, described the soul singer as one of the ‘greatest voices of her time’.

As usual the Mo’nique show, which Stephanie Mills attended and performed at, was filled with tons of gusto, and Stephanie Mills said that she knew that here “she would be able to keep it real”. To this Mo’nique replied that they could talk about anything and everything because there “was going to be no judgment” hurled her way. The best part of the show came when Mo’nique sang out along with Mills and would not stop, when requested to. The talk soon turned to Teddy Pendergrass, with Mo’nique saying that he was a friend who had tricked her to host a party for 3000 people once.

The interest in Stephanie Mills amongst the netizens has reached a new high since the death of Teddy Pendergrass. The lady singer has remained a Grammy winner and has also done Broadway. She was once famous as “the little girl with the big voice”. During the filming of ‘The Wiz’, she was even rumored to have a relationship with the late Michael Jackson. Her career began at the tender age of 9, which was soon followed by her winning the Amateur night at the Apollo Theater, not once but six times. Her career soon turned to Broadway, where she started off with Maggie Flynn. After Jermaine Jackson took notice of the R&B singer, she was soon included in the Motown Records Label.

Article courtesy of: entertainment daily