LilD Radio Personality 'Route 2' Book

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We all have dreams and aspirations.  However dreams don’t always equate to dollars and cents nor is aspiration measured by the all mighty dollar.  So with that being said what exactly would you do/sacrifice to achieve your dreams?

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Grammy Award winning singer Stephanie Mills, when she played Dorthy on The Wiz followed the yellow brick to get ‘Home’ back to a place where there was family and love over flowing and made it there but in the case of former Cleveland Radio personality on Z107.9 , Dee LilD Porter, she found testimony in the verse in the song from The Wiz, ‘Home’ that goes ♫ “If you’re list’ning God, Please don’t make it hard to know, If we should believe in the things that we see, Tell us, should we run away, Should we try and stay, Or would it be better just to let things be?” ♫  For LilD  her dreams would come true against all odds, when no one else believed, in a yellow brick road that came in the form of “Route 2” in Ohio.

Author, former Z107.9 radio personality, and community activist Dee “lilD” Porter has released her highly anticipated book, Route 2: My Choice to Struggle to Succeed. The book chronicles the three-month period where she chose to be homeless in Ohio, rather than go back home to Louisiana and lose her part-time radio job.

In her own words, Route 2 is “the diary of a homeless radio superstar in the making.” After being fired from her full-time radio job in Toledo, Ohio, lilD secured an on-air position in Cleveland…but it was only part-time. Unable to pay rent, even with two jobs, she was subsequently evicted and had a choice to make: go home to Louisiana and start over or stay in Ohio and figure it out. But lilD only felt she had one option:

“I was more afraid of spending the rest of my life making $7 an hour, than I was to move to Ohio with no family. This gamble has to pay off.” Route 2

With Route 2, the reader will walk in the shoes of someone who would purposely be homeless for a shot at accomplishing her goals, displaying the true meaning of struggling to succeed. The foreword was written by someone who can also relate to struggling to succeed, nationally syndicated radio and television star, Charlamagne Tha God.

lilD has embarked on a book tour, and is coming back to Cleveland Thursday, October 24 from 7-10 pm at Gatewood Work/Share, 818 E 185th St. There will be a panel discussion with LOADB Podcast host DJ Knyce, WKYS producer Kierra Cotton, and 93.1 WZAK midday host Sam Sylk. The panel will be moderated by filmmaker and SuperFriends Podcast host Blame Swoope. Then Swoope and lilD will have a one-on-one conversation, followed by a book signing. We hope you can join us for this incredible evening of inspiration and motivation.

Dee “lilD” Porter can now be heard weekdays 10 am-3 pm on KBFB 97.9 The Beat in Dallas/Fort Worth Texas.  #10to3WithlilD

 Route 2: My Choice to Struggle to Succeed is available on lilD’s website, (paperback) and/or Amazon (e-book). She is available for interviews, panel discussions, and speaking engagements and can be reached via email:

LilD Radio Personality 'Route 2' Book

Source: LilD / lilD

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