Kevin Hart’s Official Opening of The HartBeat Studios

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Everything on social media doesn’t have to be funny to garner clicks, but when you’re a comedian, funny is usually the norm, however Kevin Hart shared his versatility as he posted a video documenting his road to recovery on Instagram and it is definitely inspirational viral worthy.

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Kevin Hart was in a car crash September 1, 2019 in his vintage Barracuda that was being driven by a friend that allegedly lost control of the classic muscle car and went off a ravine crushing the top of the car. Pictures and videos of the crash would have you to believe that surly no one survived, but God, allowed all passengers to be removed alive from the crash. Kevin Hart was admitted into the hospital right after the accident, requiring him to have emergency back surgery and that is where his journey to recovery began with the unconditional love and support of his family.

Take a look at Kevin Harts video below

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