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93.1 WZAK Cleveland radio host/restaurateur, Sam Sylk of The Sam Sylk Show has now added author to his title.  After years giving out Realty Hour advice to his fans who seek his knowledge via letters Sam Sylk was inspired to write a new book offering relationship advice titled It`s called `Is It Them or Is It Me: A Guide to practicing self-reflection and accountability in your relationship`.

Today on Fox 8 in The Morning, Wayne Dawson wanted to have a chit chat with Sam Sylk to dig a  little deeper into the topic `Is It Them or Is It Me` and why some of us keep repeating the same patterns over and over again.

FOX 8 also wanted to talk to Sam Sylk about his exciting news of having his book on the shelves of Barnes & Nobles and how Sam Sylk wants to launch his book signing tour with showing love to his fans this coming Saturday December 21st at 2:00 pm at Barnes & Nobles Woodmere, 38801 Chagrin Blvd before having various other book signings at Barnes & Nobles in other cities including his hometown of Chicago.

Have you ever found yourself dating the same person over and over again? Have you relied on them for your happiness? Do you ever blame the other person in your relationship for your own discontent?  Then it may be time to ask yourself the question Is It Them or Is It Me?

Take a listen to Wayne Dawson and Sam Sylk discuss `Is It Them or Is It Me` in the video below

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