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FOX's 'Empire' - Season Four

Source: FOX / Getty

It’s a good thing that this is the last season for FOX Empire, because not only is the show going up in flames in the ratings so is the cast. First Jamal aka Lussie Smollett with the alleged attack, now Hakeem aka Bryshere Gray is being accused of relieving mucus onto a 7-Eleven store floor.

According to reports and a very angry 7-Eleven employee in Orlando Florida, Bryshere Gray and some friends came into the store to by some snacks when the store employee says Gray spit on the store floor. According to Gray it wasn’t him but his homey and he even tried to clean up homeboys spit but 7-Eleven worker kept giving him static so he threw a bag of chips at the employee then he bounced. Police were then involved no charges have been made because according to police it’s Gray’s word against the 7-Eleven employee who insists it was Gray that did the spitting in the first place.

Surveillance cameras are now being reviewed for evidence.

Question: Why was Hakeem hanging at the 7-Eleven, more importantly with folks that spit on floors for no reason. #IJS

Check out the video below