2015 Time 100 Gala

Source: Taylor Hill / Getty

This story is a little crazy.  Whats the harm and posting a photo of you and your boo having a happy loving organic moment?   Nothing if you took the photo yourself, but if someone else took it you might possibly be finding yourself in court.

It’s being reported that Kim Kardashian posted a photo of herself and her husband, Kanye West out and about.  The really cute picture shows Kanye with a rare charismatic smile looking like he is truly happy with life, so warm you can feel it through the photo.  The photo was posted by Kim K and received 2.2 million likes.

A good thing, right?  No not if you are, Saeed Bolden.

It’s being reported that according to Bolden, he took the photo, therefore it belongs to him and he wants a court of law to make Kim Kardashian give him his coin for a picture he took of her and her husband.

Crazy that in copyright someone else can own the rights to an image of you, that they took randomly without there being a photo shoot, with out your permission!?

How about that for justice…SMH

See the photo Kim Kardashian shared by clicking here