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U.S. President Donald Trump is finding ways to keep himself busy with the Impeachment trial going on.  On Jan. 24, he found a new way to grab attention.

From Uproxx:

Space Force is apparently happening, as a new branch of the military that will do… something in space. Defend US interests there?

It appears to be true.  #45 has finally reviled a logo for the United States Space Force.  He took to his favorite mouthpiece, Twitter, to make the announcement.

Afterwards, it got a lot of reaction, and had people making comparisons to ‘Star Trek.’

One user above even compared the Space Force design to NASA.

It is not known when exactly Space Force will get off the ground, but they do have a spokesperson, so that shows some promise.

With a logo and some staff, let’s hope this mission in the galaxy from #45 eventually proves successful.


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