JAY-Z and Beyoncé OTR ll Tour

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Yolanda Adams soulfully/beautifully belted out America The Beautiful, however when Demi Lovato flawless belted out the now controversial (as it pertains to standing for it) National Anthem in front of the NFL’s biggest show, the controversy that was thought to have went away is being highlighted once again.

Jay-Z took some major heat last year when he announced a partnership with the NFL which gave the Jigga Man’s Roc Nation influence over the league’s most important music events, including the halftime show.  This came after last years musical boycotts of the NFL when the big show came to the ATL.  Many chose to stand with Kaepernick when it appeared he was blackballed for kneeling during then National Anthem when he was a quarterback with the San Francisco 49ers.

Many thought Jay-Z’s move to partner with the NFL was a sell-out, however after last night maybe it was a move to prove that he does stand with Kaepernick as Jay and Bey were caught sitting during the signing of the National Anthem before last nights big game.

After declining to perform for the half time show (not to big of a deal) Jay-Z and his lovely wife Beyonce’ were shown having a great time in their box seats for last nights big show, along with hot dogs, soda, popcorn etc etc, you know games food, however to the dismay of some they also should the royal Hip Hop couple sitting when Demi Lovato rose to singing the National Anthem.

Did Jay-Z show he had Colin Kaepernick’s back with his public display of sitting loyalty all the while cashing a NFL check ?  Does this make his partnering with the NFL right?  Are Jay and Bey being unwarrantedly dragged on social media?   Or are people just going ‘Apesh*t’.

Check out the video below and let us know in the comments.

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