Source: MediaNews Group/Bay Area News via Getty Images / Getty

Many thought Jay-Z’s move to partner with the NFL was a sell-out move, but then before the Super Bowl it was being speculated that when Jay and Bey were caught on camera sitting during the National Anthem, that maybe Jay-Z does stand with Kaepernick.  But the fact that the royal Hip Hop couple remained seated prompted social media as well as folks like Wendy Williams to drag them for their actions.

But Jay-Z has heard everyone and he is now responding to the Super Bowl National Anthem dis debate and Jay-Z says, look yall got this all twisted, according to Jay-Z he and his wife Beyonce’ weren’t protesting  but actual working.

Jay-Z said during a Q&A session at Columbia University in New York on Tuesday when asked about the incident, that when he got to the event he was in work mode seeing as though he was producing the Super Bowl he was making sure that everything from the way the performances looked and sound were on point.  So the sitting thing was definitely not a protest.

“We get there and we immediately jump into artist mode,” “It just happened,”  “I didn’t have to make a silent protest. If you look at the stage, the artists that we chose, Colombian [Shakira], Puerto Rican [JLo] … we were making the biggest loudest protest of all.”

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