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Erykah Badu

Source: Prince Williams / ATLPics.Net

Some may have there own idea’s and feeling about how Erykah Badu get’s down, some thinks she’s a little strange and/or different but the one thing you can’t take from her is that she is an artist and she is sensitive about her s#@t meaning that when she drops something her different comes into play and her genius resonates FIRE!!  So it should come as no surprise that when we were told that Ms. Badu was performing a ‘Quarantine Concert Series’ live from her bedroom for $1, ‘Tyrone’ came by to turn ‘Vibrate On’ and it was off the chain.

Get your minds out the gutter, we are talking about new music that was delivered much like Tyrone in 1997.

If you remember Erykah Badu’s ‘ debut album was Baduizm in 1997 an album that did not included Tyrone, but the album that got her the Grammy nomination’s and award was her LIVE album in 1997 which had the same song’s as Baduizm performed live in concert, except she added a little raw freestyle titled Tyrone, that ended up being the ladies anthem for their tired relationships, a bonfire smash hit.  But more importantly Erykah Badu proved that all though she can do a studio album, what makes her musical genius is the fact that her raw talents as an artist is a lyrical canvas that doesn’t a lot for retouches and edits it just flows from the spirit.

Now back to last night, a concert that was worth more than a dollar, the ‘Quarantine Concert Series‘.  What was the dollar about?  Helping hold her band down while they can’t earn because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Erykah Badu with a full band in protective masks and she her self at the controls and mic, performed all of her classic hits LIVE FROM HER BEDROOM.  However while Erykah was sitting on her bed she decided to turn ‘Vibrate On’, not a toy but HOT NEW ReReleased MUSIC.  That’s right ladies Erykah Badu delivers another anthem ‘Vibrate On’ written by her music director RC Williams.  ‘Vibrate On’ masterfully uses wording that we have recently been fearful of and flips them into a sexy more mature version of ‘Tyrone’ who clearly Erykah does not need to have anybody call anymore.  Much like the Tyrone phenomenon, ‘Vibrate On’ was included on the ‘Girlfriends’ television show soundtrack back in 2009, but remember what took Baduizm to the Grammy stage, the authentic raw nature of the LIVE.

Erykah Badu is Grammy award winning artist and she is masterful about her S#@t.

Check out Erykah Badu and her band along with backup singers practicing social distancing slay her new, YES WE ARE CALLING IT NOW, hit single ‘Vibrate On’ LIVE during her  ‘Quarantine Concert Series’ below.

BTW…if you missed last nights make sure you catch and support the next one, a dollar well spent.


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