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Florida County Makes Wearing Face Coverings Mandatory

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The United States is battling the coronavirus pandemic with some states adamantly trying to enforce social distancing with Shelter in Place orders and wearing masks in public.  However, unfortunately some people are letting their cabin fever and/or myths about the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus get the best of them and in reality are putting themselves as well as others at risk of dying, especially in the African American community where reports are saying the pandemic death rates are higher.

Easter Sunday a day that is regarded as the most celebrated Holy day of the year, which is typically spent with families going to Church then spending time together afterwards but due to the COVID-19 pandemic the way in which the holiday was celebrated was modified for social distancing.  Except at a housing project in Pensacola, Florida were it has been reported that it took 2 hours with police in masks to break up a block party  with 100 people in attendance where it appears nobody seemed bothered by COVID-19.

A man posted a video on social media of the block party at Attucks Court Housing Project, where you can see people of all ages doing everything but practicing social distancing.

Numbers are significantly higher in deaths amongst African Americans contracting COVID-19.  The reason for higher death rates among African Americans is being linked to high blood pressure, diabetes as well as health care disparities.

Family we have to do better in order for our communities to survive, we must be smart, educate ourselves and continue to practice social distancing.

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