Florida police released a video of the arrest. Although the little girl's face is blurred out, you can still see the event, and even hear an officer telling her to use this as a "learning experience".

The national NAACP Board of Directors has issued a formal advisory against traveling to Florida, alleging the state has become "hostile toward African Americans"

This past weekend in Boynton Beach Florida a 13 year old Stanley Davis Jr. had filled up his dirt bike that he had just got for Christmas at a gas station when a police car turned into the same station, Davis Jr. pulled off then the officer proceeded to follow him. All of that was […]

We all sheltered in because of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 only to wake up in a world of turmoil in 2021 with the question of whether you should vaccinate against the potentially fatal virus or not.  The world opened back up, the mask mandates came down however the COVID-19 Delta Variant is sweeping across […]

Ronnie Oneal went viral when he gave opening statements in his murder trial, representing himself after killing his children’s mother, his daughter with special needs then tried to kill his son by stabbing him then setting him on fire.  By the grace of God little Ronnie Oneal survived and courageously testified against his father, as […]

Ronnie Oneal is facing two counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder for crimes that happened in Riverview in March of 2018. Ronnie Oneal allegedly killed his girlfriend, 33 year old Kenyatta Barron, and daughter, 9 year old Ron’Niveya Oneal who was autistic and had Cerebral Palsy then stabbed his 8 year old namesake before setting […]

A Florida man who was working at Dunkin’ Donuts is being charged with manslaughter after a customer called him a racial slur. Corey Pujols, 27, was working at a Tampa, Florida Dunkin’ Donuts when a 77 year-old man came inside the fast food restaurant to complain about the drive thru service, despite the fact he was previously asked […]

The United States is battling the coronavirus pandemic with some states adamantly trying to enforce social distancing with Shelter in Place orders and wearing masks in public.  However, unfortunately some people are letting their cabin fever and/or myths about the seriousness of the COVID-19 virus get the best of them and in reality are putting […]

Conservative commentator,  political activist, Black Lives Matter criticizer and pro-Trump activist Candace Owens was the first one to spill the tea on Tallahassee mayor and Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.  Allegedly Gillum was in a Miami Beach Hotel on March 13th laying in his own vomit OD’d on Meth. Gillum apologized for the ordeal said […]

The couple would like to meet the man who came to the ceremony uninvited.   ST. PETERSBURG, Fl. (WFTS/CNN) – Someone crashing a wedding could end up having a great time and a great story – or they could leave in handcuffs. For one guy in Florida, it was the latter. The looks stamped on […]

A 15 year old in Florida, named Lucca, went viral last week after footage of him being pepper sprayed and beat at a McDonalds by Broward County Sheriff’s. Lucca according to witnesses was a kind gentle young man that didn’t do anything wrong except for try to pick up his cell phone when he was […]

What happens in Florida did not stay in Florida. Santa Claus delivers coal to you if your naughty but in Florida the Easter Bunny will serve you paws if your naughty… literally Easter Sunday evening well after church it appears that a man and woman were having a physical altercation, after according to people standing […]