DeSantis at New College of Florida

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Florida governor DeSantis has been coming for Disney one of the biggest companies in Orlando (lets be real Disney is Orlando).  DeSantis has even proposed building a prison next to the historic theme park.  Disney has decided to hit back at DeSantis where it would hurt Florida most, the pockets, backed out of a $1 billion dollar office complex plan that was to bring thousands of jobs to Orlando.

The NAACP has got next.

Disney hasn’t been the only one on DeSantis ‘come for’ list, as he has tried to make the history of African Americans disappear from the education process.  Now the NCAA is putting their foot down, taking to social media to issue a formal travel advisory just in time for the holiday.

The national NAACP Board of Directors has issued a formal advisory against traveling to Florida, alleging the state has become “hostile toward African Americans” under the leadership of Gov. Ron DeSantis.  The move by the NAACP board calling on travelers nationwide to forgo visiting Florida comes as AAA Travel estimates 42.3 million Americans plan to hit the road this coming Memorial Day weekend.

All of this on the heels of DeSantis formally throwing his hat in the ring to run for president.

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