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Well, here we go again!

Another incident involving a white person calling the police on a black person or a group of black people has happened.  This time, it’s at WeWork in Minneapolis, and the person who made the call was a venture capitialist.

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Now, he’s being accused of pulling a “Karen” when confronting a group of three black men he assumed he did not know before.

Here’s Complex to fill you in:

A man, who has since been identifed as Tom Austin, can be seen asking the men if they are also tenants of the building, which has a shared private gym space the men had previously used. When the men don’t tell him what floor their rented office space is on, which they have rented for over a year, Austin calls the police.

Below is what the men’s company, Top Figure, had to say about the incident involving Austin:

Reaction to Austin’s handling was swift on social media:

It also turns out that Austin has a troubled past when it comes to race and history.

He had wanted to keep Lake Calhoun, which was named after slave owner John C. Calhoun, from changing its name to Bde Maka Ska “in honor of the region’s Native American history.”  As you see in the tweets below, and in this City Pages link here, the F2 Group CEO and managing partner was none too pleased with the idea.

As for the now viral video, Austin responded to the backlash in a statement to Newsweek, saying he “f*cked up” and could have reacted “differently,” but adds that the men “got in my face” to a point that he threatened to call security.


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