American Flag Over Downtown Columbus Ohio Skyline

Source: Nia Noelle / Nia Noelle

The end of March the State of Ohio shut down in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, leaving a lot of Ohioans out of work.  The State almost simultaneously allowed benefits to those out of work to receive COVID-19 unemployment benefits that paid them a little more than they were making at work. Well Ohio has been slowly reopening however an issue arose that some people didn’t want to return to work when their jobs opened back up because some are afraid of the pandemic still and some say they are making more money to stay at home on unemployment.  But just like the many things that have been bringing about change in 2020, Ohio is about to bring about a change to those that are making more money staying at home.

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The state of Ohio has started to deny state unemployment benefits to people who refuse to return to work because of coronavirus, unless they meet one of a number of exceptions.  Read More Here 

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