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Walmart Quarterly Revenue Surges 8.6 Percent During COVID-19 Pandemic

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Another day, another story from the “Florida Man” files.

An older man tried to enter into a Walmart, but was about to be turned away as he was not wearing a mask.  Needless to say, the he was not happy about at all, and that was understatement.

What’s worse is that it was all caught on a smartphone, and now it’s on social media for the whole world to see.

From Complex:

Footage shows the man in question approaching the door, at which point a Walmart employee holds his hands up in an attempt to prevent him from entering. The man then charges forward, briefly scuffling with the Walmart employee before taking a floor dive…

From there the man is urged to “wear a mask, bruh” as there is also laughter being heard.

Here are some of the footage of the incident below:

This all took place at the Walmart in Orlando as reported by TMZ.

The only way to avoid any more fights like this, along with potential online humiliation, is to do one thing: Wear a mask!


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Article Courtesy of Complex

First Picture Courtesy of Scott Olson, Getty Images, and Complex

Second Picture Courtesy of Scott Olson and Getty Images

First and Second Tweet and Video Courtesy of Twitter and Complex

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