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For those who have been struggling with their kiddos during COVID-19 after things opened up and some have returned to work not to mention our essential workers who haven’t skipped a beat during the pandemic, relief is just a couple of weeks away.

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With public schools still trying to find away to keep students and staff healthy by starting schools remotely possibly, for those with little little ones, the Governor Mike DeWine say’s that as of August 9th daycare centers can open to full class sizes.

DeWine said that while child care providers will be given the option to return to their normal sizes on Aug. 9, they can also opt to maintain their limited ratios and receive a subsidy instead. Even with increased classroom sizes, DeWine said that child care providers will be required to comply with stringent health and safety requirements including face coverings for all staff, symptom and temperature checks, hand washing and frequent cleaning.  Read More 

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