Since March we all having been weathering the COVID-19 pandemic together for the most part with our fearless leader in Ohio Mike Dewine navigating our ship to hopefully flattening the curve so that we all can return to our normal lives pre-COVID-19.  Unfortunately it looks like we still have a long road to tow as […]

Northeast Ohio has been riding the COVID-19 pandemic wave since March, and just when we think things are getting better, or should we say hoping for better days, just south of Cuyahoga County the coronavirus has elevated a county to red. Summit County was raised to Level 3, or the red level, of the Ohio […]

The coronavirus pandemic his still running with the ball while medical scientist are try to tackle it, however with the fall comes the uncertainty of schools opening and how, but COVID-19 hasn’t changed the hearts of fall sports fans as parents from communities across the area have been protesting to let them play. Today Governor […]

For those who have been struggling with their kiddos during COVID-19 after things opened up and some have returned to work not to mention our essential workers who haven’t skipped a beat during the pandemic, relief is just a couple of weeks away. With public schools still trying to find away to keep students and […]

As promised the Governor has made an announcement regarding children going back to school in the fall after shutting them down back in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.  According to Governor Dewine he agrees with the American Academy of Pediatrics when they say that our children being at home outweigh the risks of them […]

When Governor Mike DeWine was elected he was a republican, however in the year 2020 the Ohio Governor has proved that he is a human being first, politician second, as he was out in front when it was time to shut Ohio down amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, then he is trying to slow roll things […]

Governor Mike DeWine was very proactive in shutting down and sheltering in, despite what the Commander and Chief living on Pennsylvania avenue was doing in his message at the time.  Governor Mike DeWine heading into the war on the COVID-19 pandemic chose at that moment not to be a Republican or a Democrat but rather […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that the CEO of General Motors is planning to sell the recently shuttered assembly plant in Lordstown to a company that manufactures electric trucks. “Great news for Ohio!,” the president declared Wednesday morning. President Trump also claimed that Mary Barra, the head of GM, told […]