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Monica Cleveland Stone Soul Festival 2019

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Corey Miller AKA rapper C-Murder is serving a life sentence in jail for the 2009 murder of a 16 year old named Steve Thomas.  According to a witness, jury and others, Master P’s brother, Corey Miller was not the shooter however all have been allegedly bullied to put and keep Corey Miller behind bars.  But ‘Hold On’ C-Murder’s ex-girlfriend, singer Monica along with Kim Kadashian are now leading the charge to have Miller reinstated back to his family at home.

Singer Monica has always stood by Corey Millers side

You’ve always been the most thorough & reliable human ever ! So many believe in you & stand with you !! You sacrificed it all for those you love! Let’s see it come back to ! @cmurder #FreeCoreyMiller

Kim Kardashian & Donald Trump

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Now it appears that she is getting help, Kim Kardashian who has been vigilant in getting justice reform for the unjust, going as far as meeting at the White House to get freedom for a single mother who was sentenced to life in prison for being just a “telephone mule“.  In 2019 Kim Kardashian was responsible for 17 inmates being released from jail, now she is using her new activist title to help free Corey Miller.

True justice for the young man requires that the person who actually killed him be held responsible and that Corey Miller he returned home to his kids….Since his trial, witnesses have recanted, new evidence of his potential innocence has come to light, and there are claims of jurors being pressured into voting to convict.

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Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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