Corey Miller is revealing that he is on a hunger strike in protest because he is suffering from inhumane treatment and conditions causing the deterioration of his physical and mental health.

It has never been a secret that R&B singer Monica and rapper C-Murder, Master P’s brother, Corey Miller, are like that Monica song ‘Everything To Me’.   To Corey Miller, Monica will always be ‘Angel of Mine’ and to Monica Corey will always be ‘The Boy Is Mine’, ‘Before ‘C-Murder’ Walked Out of Monica’s life because […]

We are going to make a long story short on why Master P went off on social media then closed down his ATM. Corey Miller AKA C-Murder, brother of Master P, is currently in jail serving a life sentence for a murder that he did not commit, allegedly.  Corey Miller recently publicly praised, long time […]

  Corey Miller AKA rapper C-Murder is serving a life sentence in jail for the 2009 murder of a 16 year old named Steve Thomas.  According to a witness, jury and others, Master P’s brother, Corey Miller was not the shooter however all have been allegedly bullied to put and keep Corey Miller behind bars.  But […]