Master P said ‘he got the hook up, holla if you hear me’, but he can holla on stage for support for Mystical to be set free.

What better time than MLK Day 2023 to announce a historic black-owned move. Mater P has been in the news here and there talking about his new cereal venture that includes rapper Snoop Dogg. Today Master P dropped some historic facts about his joint venture with Snoop in honor of Martin Luther Kings Day. HAPPY […]

There’s No Limit to these soldiers Master P and Snoop Dogg are helping children turn a negative into a positive. In December of 2020, Malakai  Roberts’ home in Kentucky was innocently hit with gunfire from a drive-by shooting. While sleeping near his mother and younger brother, five-year-old Malakai was shot in the head. The bullet missed […]

Every parents dream is to give their children the life they never had growing up.  You want your children to never know of your childhood struggles, have a better education and most importantly never to have to deal with street s**t.  Every parents worst nightmare is to have to bury their child, even worse to […]

We are going to make a long story short on why Master P went off on social media then closed down his ATM. Corey Miller AKA C-Murder, brother of Master P, is currently in jail serving a life sentence for a murder that he did not commit, allegedly.  Corey Miller recently publicly praised, long time […]

  Corey Miller AKA rapper C-Murder is serving a life sentence in jail for the 2009 murder of a 16 year old named Steve Thomas.  According to a witness, jury and others, Master P’s brother, Corey Miller was not the shooter however all have been allegedly bullied to put and keep Corey Miller behind bars.  But […]

Celebrities are often times put under the microscope due to social media, and us the scrollers sometimes forget that when they turn the mic’s and cameras off these are people with real families, they are parents. So while on Instagram Live Master P was asked what his thoughts were about ‘Surviving R Kelly’, for whatever […]

Make ’em say Ugghhhhhh!!! Master P is finally getting the biopic treatment. Percy Miller recently announced his new deal with lions gate to produce his biopic titled, King of The South Ice Cream Man.   P shared a video to social media with the caption that read, “Today we made history! Signed one of the biggest […]

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Master P’s divorce is getting ugly and his ex is making damning claims about his parenting skills. P’s ex-wife Sonya Miller is claiming that P uses their kids as pawns in court to avoid paying her. TMZ reported previously that their kids had written letters to the judge in the case saying they preferred to live with […]

Master P’s divorce from Sonya Miller is shaping up to be one of Hollywood’s messiest ever. Miller just sued her son Romeo, claiming that he is working with his father to hide assets from the courts, making it seem like her estranged husband has less money than he says he does. She is currently seeking $67 […]

Kobe Bryant was one of the first star’s to visit Lamar Odom in the hospital after news broke about his condition. But some are saying that Kobe is too little too late to be a friend to Lamar. Master P spoke to TMZ, saying “If Kobe was his friend…He could’ve got the man back on the […]

Master P, who says he was "like a mentor" to Lamar, shared his true feelings about Kobe while speaking with TMZ in a market parking lot.