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Every parents dream is to give their children the life they never had growing up.  You want your children to never know of your childhood struggles, have a better education and most importantly never to have to deal with street s**t.  Every parents worst nightmare is to have to bury their child, even worse to have to bury them from something you worked hard to keep them away from.

52 year old father Percy Miller lost is daughter Tytyana Miller age the age of 29 to an accidental drug overdose.  Today Percy Miller is using his platform as Master P to channel his pain and sorrow to help others not go through what he and his family did at the loss of his daughter.

Master P has opened in an interview to talk about his life altering loss and what he plans to do to help others.

“When I got that phone call I realized my daughter is never coming back, and that is the heartbreaking thing about this,” …“I said, ‘Let me team up with these organizations and doctors.’ I want to help people that look like us. We want to bring awareness to [mental illness and substance abuse]. My whole purpose is to get out here and help and save millions.”

“I’m gonna turn it into a purpose because I can’t get my daughter back. I love her and think about her every day, and it took me and my family to go through something that I just can’t stop thinking about, but I realize that I have to get out here and help and save other kids,”

Take a listen to Master P’s interview with Gayle King below.

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