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Kanye West Presents Sunday Service

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Kanye West’s Sunday Service was a huge hit and the choir had a seat in the choir stands when the Coronavirus pandemic started running rampant in the United States. But yesterday choir director Kanye West lift his baton and the choir arose for a new music video during the ongoing pandemic, with some questioning whether it was wise to do with such a massive choir.

To answer the worriers, the first lady of Sunday Service jumped on her social media to assure fans that the health and safety of the Sunday Service participants were the priority.

The West/Kardashian family marriage may have been a little rocky lately, but it appears that she is riding for the an she took vows before God with, her husband Kanye West, according to Kim Kardashian:

We are not sure if this is an indicator that love is still in the air, or if Kanye West is really running for president or running interference, but we do know the ‘word’ as Kanye West interprets it will still be sang from a highest mountain with a visual coming soon.

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