Kanye West, decided to ring his 46th this past weekend, that he would partake in some Nyotaimori AKA body sushi, for dinner

A leaked Kanye West’s ‘Donda’ Documentary is making it’s way around with the explanation as to why he wanted to sub out Jay-Z for DaBaby

The video is definitely Kanye videoing a twerker, but social media Columbo’s are questioning the timeline of the event.

Maybe ‘Jeen-Yus’ came out too soon, because the Kanye West saga continues. For a brief recap that started with his ‘White Lives Matters’ shirts, fast forwarding, Kanye West went on a Twitter rant, then he got suspended from Twitter, ended up on a podcast saying “I like Hitler” in an interview with far-right conspiracy theorist and firebrand […]

Is it possible that Kanye West isn’t having a mental health crisis but possibly a melt down because he is losing/lost his wife and mother of his children Kim Kardashian?? Kanye West in recent months has went from ‘White Lives Matter’ to Hitler is cool.  The speculation has been has all of his recent antics been […]

Source: James Devaney / GettyKanye West has settled to pay his ex/estranged/whatever they are, wife and mother of his children Kim Kardashian $200K a month or child support.  However the IRS has alleged froze Kanye West/YE  bank accounts because he owes them $50 million dollars. Obviously Kanye West never delivered the message of “Render to Caesar what is […]

They say that Ye went on a talking cleanse were he was going to stop talking for 30 days.  Paparazzi caught up with Kanye West in mid cleanse to let him know that they support him, and that’s when Ye fell off the wagon giving folks an even bigger ear full. According to the formally known as Kanye […]

We are all tired of the whole Kanye West debacle that has been going on.  However at the end of day Ye is a person, who may have made some mistakes on his own accord, by being given bad direction or it could be that he has something mental going on.  Should he be defined […]

The bleeding is continuing for Kanye West, as he is learning the true meaning of Knowledge Rules Supreme and cash rules everything around me. Criminal minded, you’ve been blinded, lookin for a style like mine you can’t find it nor use it, hence why the gate keepers of the legendary KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions music is […]

Kanye West has been getting dropped like a hot rock from everywhere.  Russell Simmons says that’s good because he doesn’t need these companies he can go and do his own thing, and the community will support him.  If Uncle Russ thought that was Ye’s plan he may be wrong because it’s being reported that Kanye […]

As the culture debates on whether they stand with Kanye Wests latest ‘Hell Storm’ that has allegedly turned The Grammy Award winning billionaire into a millionaire, activist Tamika Mallory is saying that Ye needs to be quiet and get some real help, because he is weaponizing black people for his personal gain. While people go […]

Today Uncle Russ who say’s he can’t reach Kanye West by phone went live to offer ‘YE’ another life line of support