Kanye West

They say that Ye went on a talking cleanse were he was going to stop talking for 30 days.  Paparazzi caught up with Kanye West in mid cleanse to let him know that they support him, and that’s when Ye fell off the wagon giving folks an even bigger ear full. According to the formally known as Kanye […]

We are all tired of the whole Kanye West debacle that has been going on.  However at the end of day Ye is a person, who may have made some mistakes on his own accord, by being given bad direction or it could be that he has something mental going on.  Should he be defined […]

The bleeding is continuing for Kanye West, as he is learning the true meaning of Knowledge Rules Supreme and cash rules everything around me. Criminal minded, you’ve been blinded, lookin for a style like mine you can’t find it nor use it, hence why the gate keepers of the legendary KRS-One of Boogie Down Productions music is […]

Kanye West has been getting dropped like a hot rock from everywhere.  Russell Simmons says that’s good because he doesn’t need these companies he can go and do his own thing, and the community will support him.  If Uncle Russ thought that was Ye’s plan he may be wrong because it’s being reported that Kanye […]

As the culture debates on whether they stand with Kanye Wests latest ‘Hell Storm’ that has allegedly turned The Grammy Award winning billionaire into a millionaire, activist Tamika Mallory is saying that Ye needs to be quiet and get some real help, because he is weaponizing black people for his personal gain. While people go […]

Today Uncle Russ who say’s he can’t reach Kanye West by phone went live to offer ‘YE’ another life line of support

The Bleeding for Kanye West, legally ‘YE’, continues today with major breaking news this morning as Balenciaga is officially done with Kanye West. Following its third-quarter earnings report Thursday, the fashion label’s parent company Kering said in a statement to WWD, “Balenciaga has no longer any relationship nor any plans for future projects related to this […]

Kanye West the college drop-out started at Roc-A-Fella Records when the jeen-yuhs, busted into Roc-A-Fella offices blasting the now major hit ‘All Falls Down’.  Now the man that Kanye blew away with that action, Damon Dash, is asking people to have compassion for the rapper who he is worried about, as his latest actions is […]

Candace Owens had seemed to be quiet as of late, up until she sported the ‘WLM’ shirt at the Yeezy fashion show.  Candace Owens then much like her fashion show buddy Ye then rolled out a new documentary that wasn’t getting much traction, up until ‘Ye’ went on the ‘Drink of Champs’, claiming that, allegedly, after watching […]

Kanye West’s need for attention this time may have gone way too far and his antics might be finding him as well as ‘WLM’ shirt wearing Candace Owens in court, because the family of George Floyd is furious about his latest antic. In a recent interview on the ‘Drink of Champs’ podcast Kanye West claimed that after […]

From jeen-yuhs to ‘White Lives Matter’, Kanye West stirred up a hornets nest last and he continues to keep stirring without fear of getting stung.  Ye just dropped a new 30 minute documentary titled ‘Last Week’. It looks like The Sunday Service is over, if Kanye West were to ever document something, why not, ‘Last Week’!? […]

People say that Kanye West is crazy and in need of some mental health guidance, but the one thing you can’t say about Kanye West is that he isn’t a marketing genius. The beef with Ye, Gap and Adidas continues to the point now that Kanye is not longer going to stand in the gap […]