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First and foremost, happy belated birthday YE.

Have you ever had the problem of, what to get a person that has everything for their birthday?  Can you imagine having to plan a birthday celebration for, Kanye West, a celebrity that has everything, gone everywhere and partied in everyway imaginable in their 45 years?

The marketing genius, ‘College Dropout’,  Kanye West, decided to ring his 46th this past weekend, that he would partake in some Nyotaimori AKA body sushi, for dinner with his alleged wife Bianca Censori and friends.

Nyotaimori AKA “body sushi” is the Japanese practice of serving sushi on a woman’s naked body. The practice dates back to the 18oo’s but has since become thought of as an “exotic” attraction after its popularity in Japan dwindled in part due to international travel. The practice has been banned in some countries due to health and moral concerns.

As strange at it was, social media was cool with it until a video of Kanye West’s kids at the party made it’s way to viral nation.

Take a look at the video below and let us know if you would eat food off of a naked person or nah?

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