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Kanye West has been getting dropped like a hot rock from everywhere.  Russell Simmons says that’s good because he doesn’t need these companies he can go and do his own thing, and the community will support him.  If Uncle Russ thought that was Ye’s plan he may be wrong because it’s being reported that Kanye West who got dropped from Adidas showed up at Skechers without an appointment so executives had him escorted out.

Busting up in offices taken over might have worked for Ye the Jeen-yahs back in the day with Damon Dash, but not so much for the true green culture today.

Skechers said in a statement Wednesday that two of its executives escorted Kanye West from one of its Los Angeles buildings after Ye “arrived unannounced and without invitation” and doing some unauthorized filming just like on Netflix Jeen-yahs.

The statement went on to say:

“Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West,” “We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech.”

The YE of fashion wasn’t discouraged though because he found another podcast to go live on. (see video below)

Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

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