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Before Tamika Mallory gave one of the most powerful speeches given in most peoples life time, at the family press conference of Breonna Taylor in Louisville, KY, her disdain for Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s actions as a whole in the case of Breonna Taylor was felt in her speech, along with a history lesson and a revelation on what she herself before the speech was able to personally bear witness to.  A little unknown recent history fact that happened on the corner of Jefferson and 1stt. in Louisville, KY.

Tamika Mallory was out after curfew in Louisville, KY after a meeting observing where she was because she is not from there, when she noticed that protesters being out after curfew was being enforced however a white militia was out after curfew being unbothered.  Protesters safe haven’s after curfew was the church in which some were arrested at, however the white militias safe haven was a gas station at the corner of Jefferson and 1st, a gas station that asked the militia  for protection, a gas station whose white employee after having an argument with a black man called 911 then shot him claiming the customer threw something at him.

Charles Moore the employee of the Shell station, Bader’s Food Mart, has been charged with 2nd degree assault however with all the negative press the peaceful protest for justice for Breonna Taylor gets a white man shooting an unarmed black man in the south in a downtown gas station is barely Googleble.

The point of Tamika Mallory story is people need to pay attention to who and what they poor their money into.  Watch who is being protected by whom and the bigger picture who is allowing that whole scenario to play out. Daniel Cameron in his press conference never once mentioned Breonna Taylors name nor had the common decency to share the Grand Jury’s decision with Breonna’s mother, allowing her to travel over an hour away only to be devastated that no one would pay for child’s death that no monetary value can justify.   Leaving inquiring minds to wonder was it the Grand Jurys decision or Daniel Cameron.  A fish rots from the head down and All Skin Folk Ain’t Kinfolk.

Make sure your pond is stocked with the right fish by going to the polls and voting on November 3rd.

Take a listen to Tamika Mallory’s speech in it’s entirety below

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