Lil Wayne

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What is going on in Hip Hop!? First Ice Cube then 50 Cent now Lil Wayne.

It’s interesting how it seems the Trump campaign is using the Hip Hop to what appears to be get the cultures vote.

Rapper Lil Wayne met with President Trump in Florida on Thursday to discussing the now infamous “Platinum Plan”.  Lil Wayne according to his Twitter page seemed pretty dog on impressed with Donald Trump and his plan.  So much so that Lil Wayne posted a photo of himself and Trump looking like he was ‘fannin’.

According to the post Lil Wayne is impressed with what Trump has done with criminal reform thus far, plus he feels Trump is going to give the community real ownership and that #45 is a good listener.

Lil Wayne must believe that his meeting with Trump, trumps the fact that he still won’t denounce white supremacy.  #IJS

Remember election day is NOVEMBER 3rd, your vote matters. 

Take a look at Lil Wayne’s post below.

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