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If you set aside what we knew what was going on with President Donald Trump prior to 2020 with the investigations into everything he touched.  You would find it hard pressed to find anyone that thought we would have a historic year like 2020 with the pandemic that is still strong in America, a pandemic that according to reports that the White House knew about way back in January, a pandemic that although 100’s of thousands are dying from economics is still the priority.  Then we had the unification of all nationalities, colors and creeds that watched proof of systemic racism play out in real time on social media that caused social protests across the world, however, keeping it real simple, Donald Trump didn’t care.  As matter of his own Tweets he has defended violators of people of colors right to live.

With all the dishevel from 2020 alone you would think that people would be tired, you would think that people would really want change, you would think that people would think it’s time to go back to a leader that actually has some kind of political resume.  If so why is this 2020 presidential election so tight?  And not matter who wins, what do we take from all of this?

CNN’s very own Van Jones spoke volumes about the democrats in America on Election night on that very thing.

A lot of Democrats are hurting tonight. Moral victory and political victory are not the same. Political victory is possible. But we wanted to see a repudiation of this direction for the country, and that has not yet come. That hurts.

Take a listen to all of what Van Jones had to say in the video below.

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