Start spreading the news, I’m leaving today, I want to be a part of it, New York, New York, In New York, Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, There’s nothing you can’t do, Now you’re in New York, These streets will make you feel brand new for CNN political contributor and activist, Van Jones, the […]

When you are a child your young head is filled with dreams, only few get to fulfill those dreams while some with multifacted dreams fulfill maybe two or three. So what happens when you grow up and fulfill every dream you ever had including being the richest person on earth that is able to cruise […]

The historic year of 2020 has been anxiety filled for everyone with the COVID-19 pandemic, protests sparked by the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery to name just a few coupled with a president that instead of bringing unity to the country in our year of strife he has fanned the flames […]

If you set aside what we knew what was going on with President Donald Trump prior to 2020 with the investigations into everything he touched.  You would find it hard pressed to find anyone that thought we would have a historic year like 2020 with the pandemic that is still strong in America, a pandemic […]

CNN commentator and advocate for social justice used his platform to convey a powerful message to the black community in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and how it can/will impact the African American community, after the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams stated that Black Americans are at higher risk for COVID-19 because of low […]

God never put’s more on us than we can handle, and life is about what we do with that thing that was put on us.  In the case of Meek Mill his trials and tribulations from a youthful mistake that had been made punishable unfairly and not giving room for change by a justice system […]

Former NBA great and husband of R&B singer Tamia, Grant Hill, sat down with CNN’s Van Jones and talked about President Trumps most resent attacks on the city of Baltimore. And Grant Hill kicked some serious eloquent knowledge on the presidents hateration words. President Trump recently made comments attacking U.S. Representative for Maryland’s 7th congressional […]

With all that has gone on with President Trump’s reckless Tweet’s you will find it amazing that people of color are still willing to support him. CNN’s Van Jones went to Pennsylvania to ask some voters first who voted for Trump then who will vote for him again. Shockingly enough a young brotha said not […]

Van Jones is not the one to be trifled with, friends. The 50-year-old news commentator and former lawyer made that clear when he appeared on an episode of The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday. He was there to speak on his new CNN series, The Redemption Project, legal cases in the news, as well as stars involved in trying […]

Kim Kardashian shocked many when she announced her plans to further her interests in criminal justice reform by becoming a lawyer. Although some were pleasantly surprised by her determination, others doubted that the reality star’s intentions were genuine. Kim K took to social media to fire back at critics while also trying to inspire others to […]

Some of you might to have known it but last night at 9:00 pm on BET ‘AMERICAN SOUL’ the story about Soul Train premiered.  We had options on what we viewed and/or chose to receive or television entertainment last night.  But for some they chose to watch President Donald Trumps State of The Union Address. […]

New York City will pay $3 million to the family of Kalief Browder.  Browder was 16 years old when he was arrested and accused of robbing a man in 2010, a crime he denied committing.  He spent three years in Rikers Island, half of that time in solitary confinement, without being convicted and awaiting a […]