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Some of you might to have known it but last night at 9:00 pm on BET ‘AMERICAN SOUL’ the story about Soul Train premiered.  We had options on what we viewed and/or chose to receive or television entertainment last night.  But for some they chose to watch President Donald Trumps State of The Union Address.

To sum up what was said.  Trump isn’t worried about loosing the house, he is going to meet with Kim Jong Un, their might be another Government shutdown.  Trump’s State of The Union speech ran an hour and 21 minutes, third longest in history and probably the longest about nothing, things that we had already heard from him on Twitter.  Or better yet CNN’s Van Jones sums it up best when he said that President Trumps State of The Union Speech was ‘Psychotically Incoherent’ .  CLASSIC!!

But always remember you had/have options.

Check out what Van Jones had to say about President Donald Trumps State of The Union Address speech below

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