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Dave Chappelle was standing on the SNL stage 4 years ago when Donald Trump was elected president.  A pretty disappointing day.  But it is 4 years later and Dave Chappelle speaks of a new day.

The 2020 Presidential Election Day results wouldn’t have been nothing without Dave Chappelle speaking on it.

A nervous Dave Chappelle opened up Saturday Night Live with the story of his great grandfather who was born a slave in South Carolina and what he has done with his name, America being a safer place after the election, being thankful for COVID-19.  How local Ohio farmers complained about him making too much noise while trying to help his community during the pandemic, the importance of wearing masks and ‘N’ word lesson’s.

Dave Chappelle also spoke of Trump now being gone, how he handled racism, contracting COVID-19 and the lack of staying in his lane, while some folks bought it.

Dave Chappelle then closed out the monologue with joining him ‘The Kindness Conspiracy’  random acts of kindness for black people but you gotta making sure they didn’t deserve it, just like people all these years did terrible things to black people and they didn’t deserve it.

Take a look at Dave Chappelle’s SNL Monologue below.

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